The wide range of services offered by our company includes:

  • Delivery of express mail and small parcels all over the world (1-3 working days); delivery of express mail and small parcels to the largest European cities on the next working day on a “door-to-door” basis
  • Delivery of gifts and flowers all over the world by the indicated date and time
  • Transportation of goods all over the world by air transport
  • Transportation of goods by road transport with complete or partial load
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (DGR, ADR, HUM, AVI etc.)
  • Sea cargo forwarding
  • Customs clearance
  • Guarded cargo escorting (in Estonia)
  • Warehouse services
We also offer additional services:
  • free courier call;
  • free packaging materials;
  • priority of mail and parcel delivery (according to preliminary agreement);
  • processing and packaging services;
  • courier waybills with the sender and consignee addresses;
  • customs clearance and consultation;
  • reports concerning the delivery of all your parcels and mail with the indication of the exact family name of the consignee, the date and time of delivery;
  • export shipments at the expense of the addressee (upon preliminary request);
  • pick-up service all over the world using your client number;
  • parcel and mail insurance.
The speed of delivery and the efficiency of information acquisition are the keywords of the functioning of our company. Fixed terms of delivery enable our customers to plan the time of dispatch and receipt of documents and cargo. 
Our company offers a full range of cargo delivery services:
  • Export / import by road transport on the “door-to-door”, “door-to-terminal”, “terminal-to-terminal” basis. We serve routes covering the entire Europe, including the European parts of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.     
We accept for transportation both full cargos, occupying the entire capacity of a transportation vehicle, and partial (consolidate) cargos. Partial cargos can be accepted both from consolidation warehouses and directly from the warehouses of the manufacturers. We also offer specialized deliveries, e.g., of refrigerated and frozen goods, dangerous goods etc. 
  • Export: airfreight from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania into different parts of the world.
  • Import: airfreight from any part of the world into Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • Multimodal (mixed) transportations: mixed deliveries by road, sea, railway or air transport.
  • Customs broker services: filling in customs declaration forms and other accompanying documents.
  • Insurance: in order to provide the ultimate safety of delivered replica watches goods and minimize financial risks, related to the transportation of goods, we insure the cargos for the whole period of delivery at the Customer’s request.
We don’t have fixed prices for cargo delivery. However, we will calculate the price of delivery according to your request and do our best to offer you the most favourable terms and conditions.
The qualified employees of GlobExService will choose for you the most appropriate and acceptable ways of cargo delivery, with regard to prices and time frames, taking into consideration all peculiarities of the situation and the Customer’s wishes. Our flexible system of calculation of transportation costs enables us to provide individual attitude for each customer. In each case we guarantee the invariably high quality of delivery. At any time you can obtain information about the status of your cargo and its location.    
We firmly believe that we can live up to your expectations!       
We will be happy to see you as our loyal customer!


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