Dear customers and partners of GlobExService, dear guests!
First of all, we would like with all our heart to congratulate you on the occasion of forthcoming Christmas and New Year, to thank you for cooperation and guests of the website – for their interest they have demonstrated towards our company!

We try to follow the principle of preferring quality to quantity, therefore our policy in customer service is always very personalised, that means we prefer quality service of our loyal customers instead of wide coverage of all possibly potential ones.

We would like to present new Advertising campaign, in which participation of our loyal customers is highly desirable.
Its point is the following:


1. Our loyal customer “brings a friend”- a partner, office neighbour, colleague and so on.
2. “Friend” becomes our loyal customer and automatically receives a 20% discount from our basic pricelist for one month, from the date of first actual shipment, not from the date of signing the contract.
3. The company who “brought a friend”, receives a 50% discount for the same number of its own shipments, which was dispatched by its “friend”. This discount is also “valid” during the whole month.

Additional information:
- advertising campaign covers only “express” service and is not valid for delivery of cargo by airfreights, road and sea transport.
- advertising campaign is launched starting from publishing on the GlobExService website.
- the basis for registration of a new customer and receiving by them of discounts promised by us is a letter from our loyal customer containing information about “friend” sent to our general e-mail address:
The letter may be written in a free form.

Best regards,
GlobExService team
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